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Online Auction Process

An auction is a process that is known to everyone. It is the process of buying or selling a product, but not in the conventional style. The conventional method of purchasing a product is going to the shop and checking the products as per your desire. When you have selected a product, you can check..

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Process to Participate in Online Auctions

An online auction has become the latest trend for the world these days. The massive success of online shopping has triggered the idea of an online auction. With the advent of technology, nowadays it is completely possible to showcase products for online auctioning. Both sellers and buyers need to have auction software live bidding to..

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Auction Software Live Bidding

The emergence of the online auction has changed the pattern of purchasing products. An auction is always considered as a popular method of selling antiques or expensive products. It satisfies both the buyers and sellers. Previously, people had to depend on the newspaper or magazine classifieds to take participation in the auction. One may have..

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How to use your php and mysql

PHP AND MYSQL         =>  PHP is very easy to learn as compared to the other programming languages. The PHP syntax can easily be parsed. With its stability, PHP is sure to solve many problems with ease.     HTML embedded codes:          =>   PHP is no doubt a stable and..

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What is Testing and it’s type?

 SOFTWARE TESTING There are many different types of testing that you can use to make sure that changes to your code are working as expected. Not all testing is equal, though, and we will see here how the main testing practices differ from each other. Manual vs. automated testing At a high level, we need to..

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