Advertisement Management Software



  • Advertisers are finding it difficult to deal with multiple advertising agencies to post any advertisement. The main reason is advertisers need to compare the prices of each and every agencies and need to evaluate based on the criteria which requires more of manual intervention. This takes considerably more time of the whole team.
  • No standard Price List
  • Agencies are using different catalogs of their own with variable prices.


Solutions Offered
  • The adBidder platform helping media buyers and sellers negotiate more effectively with healthy competition among the Agencies regarding the services Advertiser needs.
  • The adBidder platform simplifies the RFP evaluation process and streamlines negotiations between media buyers and sellers
  • The adBidder platform using inbuilt AI to pick the winner among the quotes submitted with project evaluation based on the different parameters (Price, Past Performance, Audience Composition, Audience Reach, Customer Service, etc…) which makes this platform different from other reverse auction platforms.
  • The adBidder platform provides flexible bidding models: Bid on either a total unit or total cost basis and Multiple cost basis to choose from: Total Cost, CPM, CPC, CPA, CPVV, CPE, etc.
  • Advertiser will be having full Control over final decision and transparency in client evaluations.