Large New Features

1. Refund Invoice Description – Admin User can issue Refund for a Paid Product. The steps to do the same are mentioned below. Click the Refund icon in the data table. Admin User needs to fill the required fields. The respective Refunded Invoice will display under Return -> Completed tab. 2. Customer tab Description –..

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Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP

Definition:  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software that can combine the facets and processes of a business into one integrated system. For most B2B companies, a functional ERP ensures different business management applications work together. Many back-office functions, such as Information Technology (IT) services, inventory software, warehouse management, and HR functions can be completed..

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Integrating SonarQube and

Description: SonarQube is a universal tool for static code analysis that has become more or less the industry standard. Keeping code clean, simple, and easy to read is also a lot easier with SonarQube. SonarQube : SonarQube is an open-source platform developed by SonarSource for continuous inspection of code quality. Sonar does static code analysis,..

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Description: New Relic is an observability platform that helps you build better software. You can bring in data from any digital source so that you can fully understand your system and how to improve it. New Relic : New Relic is a Software as a Service offering that focuses on performance and availability monitoring. It uses a..

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Cancel Bid Feature in

The Cancel Bid(s) feature will be used with the Bidder or the Store Seller who wishes to delete particular Highest Bid place by a bidder on a LOT in an Auction. Once the Cancel Bid is done, the previously placed Bid will become the Highest Bid and that Bidder will be Winning that LOT. Scenario..

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On Reserve and No Reserve in

If you register as a seller, you can post your products to the site. While posting a product seller can enable reserve days for their products,  On Reserve No Reserve On Reserve If product end date is met, and its reserved price is met, then the product will get awarded to the highest bidder.  If..

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Relist a Product in

Here we have 2 registrations, Buyer and seller Buyer – Register as buyer→ login to the site→ Bid for the product→ buy the product.  Seller – Register as buyer→ login to the site→ Post the product→ Request fund As a seller, we can post our products to the site, We have 2 types of relist..

Read more and is an online payment platform powered by stripe. It provides a simple and powerful way to send and receive the payments. Payment gateway simplified the payment process, accepting a wide variety of debit and credit payment methods, ACH, Wire, Contactless Payments. Payment Gateway provides a highly interactive dashboard to the user for tacking the..

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Language Manager in

Language Manager In language Manager we can manage below actions. This will be handled by admin. Create new language phrase Groups Import CSV Add / Edit new language Phrase list Create new language phrase We can create new language phrases and call them as (variables) from your html templates.  The Default language is English we..

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Extended Bidding in

Extended bidding Every lot has a scheduled closing time. If any user is placing a bid at the last minute then the end date for that lot will extend to the next few minutes. These will be managed by the admin.  Admin will have below options to edit.  Minimum Time Limit for Extension Bidding – This..

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