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US $2750
We provide you the license to our software and code for our flagship
e-commerce / forward or Reverse or penny or Silent web software. You’re free to code, re-label, and customize it as needed. We also offer training and this Plan comes with 50 hours of Development, training and installation included.
By the way your site will be installed in 2 Business Days.
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We Build It

Call us to discuss your business.
Are you small business or enterprise? Looking to start your own
e-commerce+forward, Reverse, Penny or Silent/Fundraising business but unsure where to start? We are here for you.
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Single Seller Cloud

Call us to develop your business.

We have fully loaded store features where seller can create their own stores like shopify in addition of the auctioning features.
Sell your surplus Inventory
Create your own store and all products. If you have no time to sell/market it let the freelance community sell the products for you. Simply sit back and earn cash through commissions.
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Multi Vendor DIY
Create your own marketplace to connect buyer and sellers. Starting $249/Month you can build a site like ebay or airbnb just in few hours. Get ready to launch your website and test the waters.

Silent Auction Cloud

Set up your event & website in few hours for Silent Auction or Fundraiser so focus is on your event not customizing software & payment gateway. Call us today $350 per event

Install AS plugin in your WordPress and Magento

Do you have WordPress/Magento install our AuctionSoftware in 45 mins on your current website

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which of your products best fits my needs?

A brief explanation of each our products are below:

Product Definition Example
Forward Auction Sellers list items for a set amount of time. Buyers can bid on these items or purchase them outright.
Reverse Auction A flexible platform for connecting service buyers and sellers.Participants post a need and individuals/companies, who can fulfill that need, can offer proposals for these service buyers to review.
Penny Auction Participants purchase a number of non-refundable bids which can be placed on a rising auction awarded to the last bidder when the auction expires.
Silent Auction One-time auction where participants submit their bids for items, usually timed. At the end of the event, the highest bidder wins.
  • Charities
  • Fundraisers
  • Gallery Auctions

Contact us and we’ll provide you further explanation and consult you further if we believe your business needs describe a different type of auction which we can customize our existing software to meet.

5. What are some peer-to-peer marketplace sites are comparable to what you could do for us?

Airbnb, TaskRabbit, Remote.com, Fiverr we call them reverse auction marketplace. For forward auction you can see ebay, slibuy.com and more for single and multi vendor products

7. What type of hosting do I need?

If you’re hosting the software yourself, the system requirements would be

  • Dual Core or Quad Core Server or greater
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended) or more
  • 500 MB Hard Drive (1 GB recommended) or more.

If you want to host your site with us, we can provide affordably monthly Amazon Web Services hosting and support options.

9. I have developers that I want on my team. How can I use them?

Building a custom peer-to-peer marketplace is one thing. This we do with our team. Iterating on it is another. We bring you to launch and 6 months of launch any developer who completes certification in training.auctionsoftware.com and read the fully technical documentation can join the team get trained and start to work with you directly

11. What is multi vendor DIY? How do I pay?

Multi Vendor DIY (or online marketplace) is a type of online site where product or service information is provided by multiple third parties. You will basically run an online Mall with different Sellers and Buyers on the website. Online marketplaces are the primary type of multichannel ecommerce and auctions to streamline the online sales process. Provide large number reports and statistics about the sales being done on the website.
Starting at 249 $ Per Month, pay online using credit/debit card.

13. How are you different?

We have Fast, inexpensive, high quality inhouse developers and a very stable problem which is scalabe. We have a Dream team here in Dallas TX, who have graduated from The University of Dallas, and an army of development Team located in outside US for cost benefit. Our communications and design is here in the U.S.Our clients prefer us because we can heavily customize our software to meet the particular needs of their business. We also warranty 1 month and guarantee launch for custom products less than 3 months from the contract signed date

15.For Ruby Rails Product what is server requirement?
  • Passenger running on Apache.
  • 8GB Instance
  • Public IP with SSL
  • Cent OS.
17.  What files and Database access do we get if we move to our server in auction related projects ?
1.     Module: This folder consists of all javascript files(.js) which have methods to make database calls. Also Bidding related are encrypted or API driven based on traffic
 estimate.  If you are customer for 1 year from the date of signing Maintenance / Retainer contract , we give un-encrypted files in your server


2.     Templates: This folder consists of all template files(.tpl). Template files are nothing but files which can hold HTML and Javascript code. They provide more features like count which are absent in normal HTML files. These files serve the purpose of display on web browser.  Also from day 1 this Unencrypted  – you have full  control to change front end designs html/css)


3.     Routes: This folder consists of javascript files which are invoked depending on URL of address bar in web browser. Also Bidding related are encrypted or API driven based on traffic estimate.  If you are customer for 1 year from the date of signing Maintenance  / Retainer contract, we give un-encrypted files in your server


4.     Node_Modules: This folder consists of all the modules required to run an node.js project. Also from day 1 this is Unencrypted  – you have full control


5.     App.js: This is a javascript file which is hit first when an address is typed in address bar of web browser. This File redirects the control to the appropriate file in Routes Folder. Also from day 1 this Unencrypted  – you have full control


6.     Project File: This is a file which consists of all settings related to run an node.js project. As mentioned in section2, database settings, port no, URL settings should be done in this file to run a project in localhost/live server.


7.     Database: You get full access of Database files
2. Do you have demos for your products?

The link to all our demos can be found here. After filling out a brief form for us to learn more about your business, we’ll send you a demo of the product that best fits your needs.

If you email us at sales@auctionsoftware.com or call us at (972) 200-5516 we’d be more than happy to give you a live demo of our products and show you e-commerce websites we have developed and launched for our global clientele.

3. How much does it cost?

Our pricing is pretty simple and asks only one question, do you want to build it or should we?
You can purchase a license of our software for $2750 and customize/ host your software wherever and however you’d like.

If you want us to build a custom website for you, give us a call at (972) 200-5516 or email us at sales@auctionsoftware.com and we’ll set up a free consultation where we can go over your business idea and prepare a quote based on the features you need.

4. What about localization?

Every web app we build comes already set up in 2 languages out of the gate. You can easily add more. If you need assistance in translation, we work closely with Eriksen Translations.

6. Do I pay the entire amount upfront?

For cloud you pay monthly for custom development of the marketplace (based on the wireframes), we bill over the course of 2- 3 months, typically 6-8 payments.

8. What languages are your products coded in?

Our Reverse Auction software is programmed in Ruby on Rails.
Our Forward, Penny, and Silent Auction software is programmed in Node.js

10. What is single vendor cloud? How do I pay?

Build an auction website to sell all your products. Get your products to large number of online buyers and you will be the only seller. Best suited for people with large product warehouses and also works with an add inventory feature where people without inventory can also add product from other store and pay commission only on successful sale of the item.

Starting for free up to $ 249 Per Month based on the features you select, pay online using credit/debit card.

12. What hosting do we choose?

We do AWS and dedicated hosting.

  • The software is compatible for any number of hits and bidding activity based on the Architecture and its specification that is chosen**.
  • Depending on the traffic , usage and Site Activity higher specifications of Ec2,RDS with IOPS , Autoscaling/container is recommended.
  • Check for AWS pricings here https://www.auctionsoftware.com/aws-pricing/
  • Few Recommended Specifications

Any Further clarification on AWS or Hosting please schedule a consulting time with AuctionSoftware.com Support Team

14. For Node .JS Model Product what is the requirement?
  • install NPM and Node.JS in root server
  • Installation of screen utility
  • Node.js script continuously on the server

Also list of extension that we will recommend or install. For Node.Js product for auction we are leading software vendors. If you show us another company developed product via Node.Js for Auction we will give US $ 200 credit on purchase.

To learn more on Node.js® http://nodejs.org/ a platform built is chrome JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices

16. How are you different from other development teams?

We are a team of developers specializing in one thing only — marketplaces. After building many, we decided to invest in a platform that allow us to leverage components and libraries. This enables us to cut development time and thus costs by a factor of 3 to 5 times. A team of 3 backend and frontend developers, architect, PM, art director, designer and QA will work on each marketplace site for 2-3- months to build the individual customized workflow and UIs.

Think of us as your de facto technical co-founders—we develop, maintain and advance your product so you can focus on the business, funding and user acquisition.