Any Individuals or enterprise looking to create their own E-commerce shop ON A CLICK! Quick and easy start with fully configureable marketplace functions.


ControlHub acts as the central data center for all the customer websites that are accessed by unique site ID. Every single API calls are redirected by the control Hub to the corresponding Sites through API keys.

Easy upgrade of new API features, Get access to all API immediately once it's up in cloud

GM, Slibuy, and Etc....

1. We can develop a white labeled website with your custom design and features on request.

2. It is completely flexible and heavily customization software that meets customer Requirements.

Launch your auction in minutes using our Turn-key marketplace and auction solution. This solution includes everything you need to start your online store, and start selling!


Custom marketplace and auction Solutions

Let our experts guide you through each phase of design from layouts and feature design, to testing and product launch.

Custom Solutions

Our auctions can be deployed as-is or customized to your specific business requirement

Our E-commerce experts will help you choose the right features for your business model.

Your Marketplace

Reverse Auction : The reverse auction, A Service buyer creates detailed specifications into the secure web based reverse auction platform and Service provider submit their bids in real time. Forward Auction : The Forward auction are electronic auctions, which can be used by sellers to sell their items to many potential buyers. Sellers and buyers can be individuals, organizations etc. Items are commonly placed at a special site for auction (e.g. Buyers can continuously bid for the items they are interested in. Eventually the highest bidder wins the item. Penny Auction : Is a type of all-pay auction in which all participants must pay a non-refundable fee to place each small incremental bid Silent Auction : This is variant of the English auction in which bids are written on a sheet of paper. At the predetermined end of the auction, the highest listed bidder wins the item. Before parents meet in schools they get to BID and see the product online and communicated via SMS

Our Reverse Auction and Forward Auction Product. View this Video to know more about the product

The Process