Job Portal



  • Finding a suitable job in one of the companies that matches jobseekers qualification, experience and pay expectation is difficult. It requires a lot of effort to do research about the company and the work environment.
  • Finding a suitable employee in the crowd whose ideas and mentality matches with that of employer along with the job qualifications and needs is difficult.
  • There are many job portals that confuses employees as well as employers about the skill sets and pay.

Solution Provided

  • The provides a portal for an employer where an employer can set the requirements (skill set, experience, location, etc…) while posting a job.
  •  Once a job is posted and activated, our intelligent matching engine analyzes required skills, experience, and other factors, and matches you with talent that is predicted to have the highest probability of job success. This will help the employer to reduce manual work of finding the matched talent for the requirements.
  • An employer in portal will be able to hire the talent for either full-time or as a freelancer as per the requirement; access unique profile data like desired compensation and availability to make the hiring process seamless.
  • Once matched, employer job is promoted daily to the talent who best fit your job criteria.
  • Employer job will be promoted organically as users are rewarded for referring your job to qualified talent.
  • Manage payments with for freelance hires and stay on top of the projects.
  • provides a mutual solution for both employer and Talent.