A great news too share with our audience is now we have our own payment gateway known as Auction pay https://paymentgateway.io/ integrated to Controlhub.

What is payment gateway?

A payment gateway is a technology used to integrate a credit or debit card payments into mobile applications and on websites. It’s among the best practices to handle online payments. A payment gateway is responsible for securely collecting customer information on the frontend part of the application and then sending it to an acquiring bank or payment processor in order to perform the transaction.

Here’s how it works in eCommerce payment gateways: A user chooses a product they want to buy and adds it to their shopping cart. The cart is linked to a payment gateway service that lets the user enter their credit card information. When the user checks out and pays by card, the gateway sends a request to the card-issuing bank. In the perfect scenario, the bank approves the transaction.


How Auction Pay work in Autionsoftware.net


Our payment gateway is based on what Stripe offers. All the security features are same.