Auctionsoftware is working relentlessly to achieve new goals for year 2021. This month we have integrated TrustAP to our base software.

What is TrustAP?

Trustap enables the TrustAPI REST service to be used directly. This service currently uses JSON-based requests, and for authentication and authorization, it uses OpenID Link. REST service requests must hold a bearer token issued by the TrustAPI SSO service ( The SSO service uses regular OpenID Link authentication flows and enables token access provisioning.

Transaction Flow

TrustAP Transaction Flow

       TrustAPI Transaction Flow

Why did we choose TrustAP?

Trustap is a transaction network developed specifically to prevent individuals from being scammed while buying or selling with strangers, online or in person. The method of Trustap incorporates payment and distribution into one unique scheme.

Next week, we will be back with more updates. Until then stay updated Questions or Comments? Please reach out to