Legal MarketPlace


For those people who have the legal needs and on-demand lawyers, Auctionsoftware’s product “Reverse Auction” gives the best online legal marketplace. We have the product “Reverse Auction” for connecting users with great attorneys. Our product is designed for businesses that want a simple process to find top lawyers for task-based assignments, often at a fixed price in the various categories such as  Judgment Collection of Immigration law, Business law, Criminal law, Family law, Estate Planning law etc…

Your business will improve with your happy customers and strengthens the attorney-client relationship by simply listening to our client’s needs, understanding each of their unique legal situations and strategizing with them to achieve their expectations and goals. This product helps to provide responsive, results-oriented and cost-effective legal service to individuals with the expertise Attorneys.

Small businesses, crushed under the weight of high, unpredictable legal fees, are struggling under the traditional law firm structure. In response, many companies are pushing for fixed fee arrangements to manage legal costs or cutting out the lawyer altogether. At the same time, recent graduates are either turning down or not receiving offers from large law firms and instead are joining the small firm. You can help your attorney customer by using our product through your business.