In our recent project,, we have used the concept of membership which pretty well sums up this tagline#.

“You show them the process and make them pay for the usage”

To explain the tactics of membership, take a look at this example. You present a membership scheme in your site which states like you pay 10$/week and get an advanced membership using through which the user can get at least one date per day for the whole week which of course will make the user tempted to take it. These plans come in a wide range of varieties starting from weekly to yearly pack. The marketing strategy of a normal business model is revised here and made as an extra source of revenue.

These plans also do have auto-renewal plans which make it easier for the customers not to renew it again (hint of ease). This membership is the major part of the revenue the site generates.

We run promotional campaigns every now and then, providing either a discount on the membership fee or extending the days of the pack. Also, our membership’s main deal is putting the user on top of everything. He is given a higher probability of easily finding a date (which in fact every man loves) is an upfront we provide that extra push for our users. As we know, not everything comes free and all worthy things have their own value and we follow this principle.