Quote Management Software


One of the Auctionsoftware product, “Reverse Auction” handles quote management for more customers in the most effective and sufficient way. This will become more efficient by automating some of the functions within the quoting and proposal process. Reverse Auction increases the speed and accuracy of quotes, allowing customers to better understand pricing and availability.

Reverse Auction is the center of all communication between requestors and providers. It will help to track interactions, identify and manage leads and store customer information. In addition, Reverse Auction provides the capability of tracking each customer interaction and storing it in a central location. The customer data can then be later utilized for further communications regarding any quote revision and modifications.

Benefits of using Quote Management Software are as follows:

  • Capabilities to handle billing within the application
  • Generation of multiple quotes for multiple projects from a single interface
  • Central repository of quotes
  • Time Consuming
  • One place to check the offers and choose the best fit for their needs and project
  • Quicker conversion of existing open quotes into contracts
  • Exporting quotes to supported formats

Since you’ll only be signing into one program to perform your needs, you’ll reduce the risk of entering duplicate customer data and letting leads fall through the cracks.

With this integration, contractors can generate a proposal and pull a customer’s contact information from the same place, resulting in having to spend less time administrative tasks and more time on providing the customer with a high-quality experience.

Save your time and enjoy the deal!