With the advent of internet, the expenses of coordinating auctions have come down drastically. To make the penny auctions even more cost effective, easy to manage and convenient for buyers and sellers, many businesses are using penny auction software. There are many features that are being offered by these software programs which bring in lots of benefits to the business as well. Here are 5 such features that contribute largely to the growing popularity of penny auction software.

Multi level admin

The software should have the privilege to create multi level admin users in the system. Typically, all the admin users would be administered by a super admin. The presence of multi level admin users helps in streamlining the overall backend tasks for the website that gets creates with the software.

Coupons and special sale tools

Coupons and mega sale events are the lifelines for any penny auction system.  The software should be able to create coupon codes for the special sale events without the admin users banging their heads to create one. Regardless of whether the coupon is for cash discount or free bids or free shipping, the software should be able to create it without much ado.

Reporting facility

No software is going to be useful to the business owners if it does not generate reports. The same applies for the penny auction software as well. It is very important to ensure that the software not only generates different types of sales reports, but also adds some sort of analysis to them. That will certainly make the life of the business owners a lot easier.

Module for tracking the shipping

This feature lets the customer track the shipping status of their product. If the customer is not able to do so, he might think that he has invested money on a fraudulent company who does not stick to their shipping timelines. This is important in building the credibility of the company in the customer’s mind.

IP address blocking

You would certainly not want your penny auction website to fall in the hands of cyber hackers. To ensure the safety and security of the auction website, the software should be able to block suspicious IP addresses. As he would be able to manipulate the accessibility of the website by the users, the owner will have full control over his website.