November 2017 - |

Why Auction Software is a Must-Have for Online or Live Auction Events

Nowadays, many schools, nonprofits, and community organizations use charity auctions to get money for their activities. For most of the case, the auction is treated as a compliment to another fundraising event or a stand-alone fundraiser, where you’ll get that charity auction software will make our planning event much easier and we will certainly help..

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Silent Auction Pro vs Auction Software

Silent Auction Pro is used as a multi-user and modern internet-based auction software system which provides a full solution for fundraising of organizations. It is the perfect solution for church auctions, school auctions, service club auctions or any other organizations who want to raise money using an event-based fundraiser or online auction. Nowadays, most of..

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Our favorite analogy is for a fundraising auction. is like a department store, only it o works for at least 5 hours in a day and one day in every year. We can use it in the multiple areas within the event where our honorable guests can spend their money for raising our organization’s..

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5 Affordable Auction Software Options for Nonprofits

It finally happens. Our small nonprofit organization has donors and taken off are flocking to our cause. But it is like a teenager growing out of the jeans, our nonprofit organization is growing way too fast for our free accounting software to handle easily. It is time for our nonprofit to move over to a..

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