Today is the world of online marketing and Google loved applications.

Node.js is a great platform which helps the developers to build applications having better throughput and improved scalability. It is an immensely powerful application for the development of server-side applications. As the platform is capable of producing great applications, it demands to be handled by the experts.

Hiring an app developer good in Node.js is a challenge in itself. It is not an easy task as the best app developer should completely be a pro at handling Node.js.

There are millions of programming languages and it is very important for the developer to know which language should be used depending on the nature of the project. The candidate should have complete knowledge about the archetype required for the projects.

Since Node.js is a platform based on functional programming hence the Node.js developer should be sound in functional programming. Also, Node.js development works on the principle of inheritance and hence the developer should have knowledge and experience in implementing correct inheritance in the code.

The Node.js developer should be well-versed in the code re-usability process as Node.js provides the great advantage of code re-usability.

The Node.js developer should have enough knowledge of the databases and its accurate implementation. Node.js is compatible with a number of databases in the market and hence the candidate should be able to choose the right database depending on the nature of the project.

The candidate should be experienced in working with projects and should have expertise and experience in handling a good array of Node.js projects. Node.js is designed so that it can work for applications even beyond HTTP protocol. The developer should have experience in creating these types of applications, for example, he should have experience in working with peer to peer protocol and XMPP protocol.

Deployment requirement varies for Node.js projects and hence the candidates who are DevOps are preferred. The candidates should be able to tackle issues like load balancing and scaling the app across several servers and databases.

Good app developers who meet the above needs are welcome to join Online Auction Software development party.