Auction Software not only lets you create your own auction website but it also provides the support from their Project Management Software to help you see where your auction website or other projects are at. Auction Software allows you to customize your website to your standards, if you want it minimalistic style or something fun and popping, Auction Software will do what it takes to help you and your business grow. The platform that Auction Software brings to your company makes it simple for you and your users to browse around the auction website. Many websites are making huge profits by integrating the facility of auctioning products from different sellers at great prices! Auction Software makes it very easy for you and your clients to create and manage auction and inventory.

Auction Software Products and Services

Auction Software provides four types of auctions that you can choose from: Forward Auction, Reverse Auction, Penny Auction, and Silent Auction. These four types of auction will help your organization or business sell and create auctions in no time.

Forward Auction is the traditional method of auctioning where a seller places their products or services for an amount of time and bidders get to place bids. When the time runs out, the highest bidder gets to purchase the item or service. Auction Software makes a good job at notifying bidders and sellers when an auction has ended and if the bidder won or lost the bid. This software is user friendly and simple to use you won’t have trouble finding your way around it!

Reverse Auction is an auction method where the sellers compete for the buyers services. For example, a company places a project that requires a certain amount of skills. A buyer that has those skills then can place their bid to provide those services but if more buyers are interested, after a certain amount of time the seller gets to choose between the buyers who are the most qualified for the service the company needs. Reverse Auction is a great auction method to get services more than purchasing items, it also allows getting the best service for the best price, and increasing profits.

Penny Auction is an auction method where bidders must pay a non-refundable fee to place a bid. Penny Auctions are usually timed and the last bidder to place a bid gets to purchase the item. This is a great method to provide items in a fast-pace matter. Auction Software provides a great platform for Penny Auctions especially for events that require the auctions that are only for a couple of days or hours.

Silent Auction is usually used for events for fundraising. Auction Software provides a service where bidders get SMS texts or email notifying how the item they are interested is looking like. The buyers are able to text or email a new bid for the item. Silent Auction is a great auction method to use for schools, fundraisings and events that will not be used as much as forward auction, reverse auction, or penny auction.