Auction Websites for Auto Glass Shops and Customers

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a small windshield chip spread into a large crack across the windshield. It can be a safety hazard to be driving with a cracked window, especially since it limits the view of the driver. If your window is cracked or needs to be replaced, then it is best to contact a glass replacement shop right away.

The problem is that customers don’t like to spend the time required to call around for quotes from multiple car repair shops. You can make it easy for these customers to connect with the shops that offer glass repair by creating a website using an auction software platform.

Connecting Customers with Glass Repair Companies

Make it easy for customers in your local area to connect with glass repair companies by creating a website where customers can get free quotes from local businesses. By using the right software and tools, it is easy to create an automated system to connect the right customers with the services they need.

For example, on, the website is connected through This API makes it easy to bring in the information that is needed to provide interested customers with the quote details they are looking for. Everything is automated through the platform, and it is very easy to use. This platform isn’t limited only to the glass repair industry, because there are a variety of other industries that can benefit from this type of marketplace.

Benefits for Customers and Businesses

When you create an auto glass marketplace for your local area, you will see that there are benefits available for both the customers and the businesses. Customers are happy with the service because they can save the time that would have been spent on calling around to different auto shops. It can be quite the hassle to call multiple glass repair shops in order to find the best deal, and customers love the convenience of getting multiple proposals in one easy location.

At the same time, auto glass companies benefit because they are able to connect with customers who are looking for the products and services that they have to offer. It can be quite a bit of work to market your business and connect with customers who are interested in the products, which is why business owners see the advantages of using a platform where they can provide proposals for customers in their local area.

Easiest Way to Create a Marketplace in Your Local Area

Some people think that it sounds complicated to setup this type of marketplace for their local area, but the truth is that there are software solutions that can make the setup process simple. At, we specialize in the solutions that you are looking for. Our software is the perfect way to get your website setup, and we have thoroughly tested the software and included all of the features that you would need to setup your own website. Contact us today for more information about the features that are available, and we will help you see how easy it is to get your auto glass marketplace setup!