Forward Auction solution is an electronic auction which can be used by sellers to sell their product to many potential buyers who can continuously bid for the items which they are interested in and eventually the highest bidder wins an item.

Forward Auction Software Solution is a pre-build software package for those who having the idea of build online marketplace for selling products through auction on internet. Your dreams and expectations about marketplace will succeed by

Benefits for Sellers: Larger reach and increased revenues, Optimal price setting, Removal of expensive intermediaries, Lower transaction costs, Lower administrative costs, Better customer relationships.

Benefits for Buyer: Opportunities to find unique items and collections, Affordable price, Convenience, Tracking the shipping status, Time Consuming, Discounts or Coupons and etc…

Benefits for Admin: Expands the business to all over the world, Great Revenue, Users, Product, Report management, Easy to monitor and handle everything.

Security: Firewall protection, Protection from Sql injections, robust, scalable, portable application.