Custom Software

The software which is developed for a specific organization or function and is specifically designed for the single customer is known as custom software. This enables the software to accommodate specific expectations and preferences. It involves different departments such as R&D, marketing, engineering and also in management. For critical functioning in large companies, professionals often use custom software like in the management of human resource.

It is known by all that custom software burns a hole in the pocket. Custom software development is expensive compared to off-the-shelf solutions or products when one is thinking about the typical challenge and solution.


  • Can be started with core essentials later on extra features can be added along with functions.
  • Tailored solutions are available to ease the business process, needs and security issues.
  • The owner of the software will be the customer.
  • No extra fees for licensing.


  • Costly
  • Sources are required for the development.
  • Communication is required during the development of the software.

Auction software

Auction software enables you to purchase and allows you to customize in your desired way.

The benefit of the software is that it can be installed directly on the website and the required adjustments and changes can be made according to your preference. With the use of the software you can start any activity like marketplace, a fundraiser or any other innovative idea.

In the cloud based auction the total auction will be held in the cloud but not in your website. This type of auction does not take much time and is also easy. The time taken to setup auction is 30 minutes.


  • Gives the option to choose between silent, live or online auction.
  • By using smart phone customers can sign -in and out whenever they want.
  • Based on the volume of sales the auction events can be adjusted.
  • The security issue and privacy policy is trustable in cloud auction.
  • The software has the ability to do multiple – bidding.


  • If not in the beginning then at a later period it may ask for licensing fees or upgrade costs.
  • May not meet all the needs of business.

May include unwanted features and functions.