Travelling is loved by nearly everyone. It is said that “Life is like a book, and those who don’t travel read only one page.” Yes, it’s true that Travelling should be done often to get a refreshing experience and getting to know the places which are unexplored by you; however the cost inculcated while travelling is not what everyone could afford especially the cost of staying in a hotel. So what could be the ideal solution to this problem?

The answer is Airbnb; it is a company which allows you to book houses for staying at any place you want. Currently the company has marked its presence in more than 65,000 cities of the world in more than 190 Countries. It is beneficial for both the host as well as the guest as the host could make money by renting their unused rooms which provides more money than renting to some localities for whole month, and the guest could book rooms at affordable prices at posh locality which could cost them a fortune at a Hotel or Lounge.

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