=>  PHP is very easy to learn as compared to the other programming languages. The PHP syntax can easily be parsed. With its stability, PHP is sure to solve many problems with ease.
  HTML embedded codes: 
        =>   PHP is no doubt a stable and cross-platform compatible language. And because of its ability to decode HTML, there is no need to have separate coding for PHP. 
Advantages of PHP and MYSQL:
        – PHP can easily be incorporated into a code generated by WYSIWYG editors
       – PHP can reduce the cost while increasing the efficiency of the websites or web applications. 
       – With PHP, one does not have to rewrite every line of HTML in a programming language
Ideal for ecommerce it can easily be customized as per the business specific needs
of the clients and can execute all the demands for ecommerce development.
Cost effective:
      => PHP is very cost-effective and never cost an extra dime. 
      =>With a free license, you can be sure that no one will ask you to pay extra after developing
 the website. 
     =>It is worth knowing that Apache/PHP/MYSQL combo runs perfectly well on a low cost, 
low end hardware that you can ever imagine for ISS/ASP/SQL Server.
     =>The another big advantage of PHP is its interoperability with multiple operating systems
 and servers.
     => Portability being one of the biggest concerns for businesses, PHP solves the portability issues with one or more use of the operating systems. 
    =>Businesses can save money and leverage their existing resources rather than investing
 large sum of money in purchasing the proprietary products.
                           Event Management project using PHP and MYSQL
Platform: Front End: PHP
                Back End: MYSQL
             The online event management system software project that serves the functionality of an event manager.The system allows only registered users to login and new users are allowed to register o the application.
             If the user comes for booking the event first they want to see the type of decoration they want for their event,then the package of food they want for their event.
             Then they go to booking module in decoration and food drop down they can select the type they want for their event.Below the user wants to give their details such as name,contact no,food capacity,venue,event date,etc…
             Then they can pay the payment for what they selected.They can also give feedback for our event management services and they can also see that what we have done for others in about us module.
             All this data are logged into the database.