Silent auction is used for charity auctions where the money raised goes directly to the charity for which the money was raised. Silent auction softwareeases the entire process and allows a large number of people to participate while keeping it completely organized.

Here is how the software helps you from the first to the last moment of silent auction:

•    It can build packages track solicitations and items for the auctions to be conducted online.
•    It can run silent, live and online auctions all at the same time, thus, allowing you to be more innovative in your approach.
•    You can have auction catalog,item solicitation, gift certificates, display cards and a lot more by helping you with the fundraiser software.
•          Silent auction software can centralize a secure all the information so that you can go through them whenever you have time.
•    Helps you to offer your guests with a memorable experience and you can thank them with a token thank you letter.
•    Lets you analyze the success of the event through data analysis for every day of the event.
•    Data related to all previous auctions can be accessed when you install a good auction software. In case you need more ideas, you can also have ‘how to’ option.
•    You can have a complete report of all the activities along with the financial details. The registration process will be simple and error free allowing you to save a lot of time.
•    The ability to get information from web-based database related to buyers and donors necessary for the silent auction
•    Can process credit card payments easily.
•    Allows you to raise more funds during the auction with simplified and streamlined process.

Auction software makes it very easy for the bidders to bid during an online charity auction. Buyers can place secure bids from their personal computers and since the entire process is so simple they can even do it in the last moment. They can check their position in the online queue and even bid on more than one items.