Picture recognition is comparable to human visual perception. The major steps in AI image recognition are gathering and organizing data, building a predictive model, and using it to provide accurate output. And it is the process of identifying and detecting an object or a feature in a digital image.

This is implemented in “Posting a product”. Implementation of this makes the users work simple and easy. It reduces the time for posting a product.

How it works?

While posting the product, we can take the photo of the product and upload, with that photo it will predict the product. This is done by machine learning concept.

Once the product is predicated, the product name will be displayed, using the name it will search for that product in database, if any of the old products matches the name, then it will duplicate and show in product details, we can directly post the product or edit the details as per the need. So the user doesn’t have to re-enter all the details about the product. It helps in posting a product via one click.

If the product doesn’t matches in database then we should post it as new product. This concept is helpful for posting same type of products. The major advantage is time consuming.