Silent Auction Pro is used as a multi-user and modern internet-based auction software system which provides a full solution for fundraising of organizations. It is the perfect solution for church auctions, school auctions, service club auctions or any other organizations who want to raise money using an event-based fundraiser or online auction. Nowadays, most of the Customers are hundreds of schools, service clubs such as Soroptimists, Kiwanis, Rotary, humane societies, and national charitable organizations like Ronald McDonald House, The United Way, and more. Silent Auction Pro has a great ability to support all types of major auction formats which include silent auctions, mobile bidding, live auctions, online bidding, multiple winner items, raffle prizes, door prizes, advanced ticket sales and all types of user-defined auction formats.

There are easily manage our contact list including attendees and donors. It has also emails and quickly generates customized donation solicitation letters. We can enter and track donations to see how we are doing from our Event Statistics page.

It is true that creating auction items from our donations is a snap. We can bundle multiple donations to a single auction item, and create multiple-winner auction items by touching a button. There is an option for printing all our bid sheets in half or full page formats or post our items for online bidding or mobile bidding. Thus, the Silent Auction Pro can make it simple for us.

On the other hand, Auction software is known as the most popular software for e-commerce which is conducted through latest internet technology. It is used to replace our traditional auctions that is completely easy for online based organization. It doesn’t require any space or venue to operate its service, but it is necessary to use a basic internet connection.  People have many opinions for using auction software because of the following reasons, among them I am going to discuss few points, these are:

  • It is less economical than other traditional systems.
  • A good auction software is faster than the traditional system.
  • It is dependable as well as reliable, so we can use it without any hesitation.