A common practice among most nonprofit organizations these days is to use dedicated auction software to hold charitable auctions, which are better known as silent auction. In addition to handling various administrative tasks, this software also helps the charitable institution to manage the bidding and checkout process during the course of the auction. If you are wondering how such software can help in conducting silent auction programs, you may want to read on till the end.

It enables bidding from handheld devices

Gone are the days when people used to write down their bid on pieces of paper during the bidding process. With the online interfaces of the silent auction websites, users can now bid silently from their mobiles or computer. This would also help the organizers reach out to a greater population which will further expand the window of opportunity to raise a higher fund from the auction.

It makes managing data completely hassle-free

Any charitable auction requires a lot of data work. This includes maintaining the list of donors and solicitors, managing the inventory of items, printing of bid sheets and catalogs to help the customers get a fair idea of the items that are put up on the auction and many other related things. The auction software would be able to manage all these seamlessly, thereby reducing the burden on the shoulders of the organizers who can focus on other important things related to the auction.

It keeps a track of the fundraising process

Any organizer would want to understand the success of the auctions, which would help them determine strategies for the upcoming auctions. This is where the auction software comes handy. It generates all relevant reports with total analysis to help the organizers understand what went wrong, or what went well during the auction.

The most attractive thing about the silent auction software is that the owners have the liberty to choose whether they want to own their website or have it hosted on the cloud with the help of the software. Most auction software programs allow the organizations to own the website that gets created and powered by the software, which also reduces the maintenance cost of the auction site.