Why Auction Software is Important for Live Auction Events

If you have ever setup a live auction event, then you know that it takes a lot of time and effort to coordinate everything that is needed for the event. Regardless of the type of auction that you are planning, you should consider integrating an online auction feature to improve the success of your efforts.

When are Auctions Used?

Charity auctions are popular for community organizations, churches, schools, and other nonprofit groups. Sometimes the auction is a stand-alone fundraiser or event, and other times the organizations plan the auctions along with other fundraising activities, such as a bake sale, gala, dinner, or a carnival.

The truth is that auctions are very under-utilized, and there are a number of businesses and other organizations that can benefit from this method of fundraising and selling. If you haven’t taken a close look at auctions for your upcoming event, then you should consider some of the benefits that you can gain from this method.

Live Auction vs. Online Auction

With a live auction, everyone who is in attendance has the opportunity to bid on the items that are being sold. These items might be on display and people can submit silent bids throughout the evening until a certain time when the auction closes. Or, sometimes the items are showcased in the front of the room and people bid on each individual item along with the other people who are also interested in that item.

The problem with an on-site live auction is that it limits the number of people who can participate in the event. People must be in attendance if they want to bid on the items that are being sold. On the other hand, an online auction opens up the bidding to anyone in the world, which means that you can really maximize the profits of the event because more people can be involved.

How to Integrate a Live Auction with an Online Auction Platform

The easiest way to setup an event with in-person bidding and online bidding is to use a charity auction software that is setup through your website. This software allows you to fully customize the website in any way that you can imagine, so that everything is setup to match the live auction events as well.

The items that are for sale in the auction can be posted on the website, with a photo and description of each item that is being sold. People can bid on these items from the comfort of their own home. When the auction closes, the item goes to the highest bidder and the payment is made online through a credit card or other digital payment account.

It is simple to promote the online auction, because the website address can be included in the marketing materials for the live auction. Simply let people know that they can participate by attending the event, or they can join in on the website if they prefer.

Do you need help setting up an online auction for your upcoming event? Contact us today, and we will gladly help you setup the online auction software on your website.