If you are looking for an auction software to use on your website, it is important to consider the way the software is programmed and how that programming will impact the functionality of the software. Our goal is to make sure that our auction software is leading the industry, with the latest features and design elements to improve overall performance of the program.
Problem: Delayed Response Time from the Server

One problem that often arises with auction software is that bidding is occurring in PHP, which can cause a slight delay in the response time from the server. As your website grows and the bidding increases, it is likely that the server will slow down and PHP won’t be able to keep up with the growth. It can be frustrating to develop a website and auction platform, only to find that the software doesn’t expand to fit a larger population of website visitors.
If there are delays in the bidding, then it can impact the outcome of the auction. Your customers will get frustrated if they are placing bids, but the delays are preventing the bids from being recorded correctly.

Solution: Node.js to Speed Up Response Time

A better solution is to use Node.js to speed up the response time of the software. This process allows the server to respond within milliseconds, which offers real-time bidding without the delay that might occur with PHP.

If you are working with any type of real time event, then you need to ensure that your software program is using Node.js instead of PHP. Here at AuctionSoftware.com, we offer Node.js penny auctions, and the software can be utilized in many ways to fit the needs of your website. We have developed the technology that is needed to improve the performance of the software.

Also, consider the fact that Node.js offers the ability to store real-time bidding while at the same time processing it on the server. Millisecond events can be handled in an efficient manner, allowing the program to store the real-time bidding and process each action on the server at the same time. This process is only possible through Node.js and the software that has been developed here at AuctionSoftware.com

Submitting a Bid and Displaying it to Others

To the customer, submitting a bid is just a click on a mouse, and they expect that their bid will immediately show up for others to see. Even though it seems simple on the surface, behind the scenes it is quite complicated to make sure that the program is working effectively.

We have developed software that has been tested and proven to be an effective solution for these problems. Our software allows real-time auctions that show up-to-date details about the incoming flow of bids that are being received from every participant. At the same time, the history of the flow of bids from the beginning is recorded, allowing new participants to join in the middle and be quickly brought up to speed.
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