There are many different types of software available to manage workflow. But what works the best when working on projects with multiple contractors? Do you need a separate software package to manage workflow? A separate package for payments?Another for communication? The answer to all of these questions is a simple no.

When people use Auction Software platforms, they have the ability to manage payments, communications and workflow all in one system. It is cost effective for the users and a safe space to conduct their workflow management. Auction Software allows you to have work posted securely through your platform. This gives users more security.

The Buyer knows that the work is being completed and the seller knows that the buyer is receiving it. There is nothing “lost” in email. It’s all in one place. This means that you can provide users with a complete record of their projects, the pricing for each component and the workflow itself. This is a gold standard for managing work through outsourced channels.

The workflow management software should allow for projected milestone dates, progress notes (if needed) and actual dates. These milestones should be able to correlate to the payments made for the work. Auction Software does just that.