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CloudWatch stores as well as collects data about the details of performance of services and instances. For examples, the data of systems administration can be collected on the EC2 instances, which includes disk read, CPU optimization, write operations and the number of bytes sent and received over the network. The data collected is termed as metrics and each of the AWS service has definite set. The RDS or Relational Database Service has metrics for write and read latency, number of database and connections and I/O operations per second.

The metrics can be easily viewed in management console with the use of the command line or simply by making the API calls. Again, the graph performance data can also be used accompanied by CloudWatch visualization. More than a single metrics can be graphed at any point of time by searching through the resource, region, metadata or metric name. After choosing the metrics you want to reflect, a graph will come along at the end of the window. Apart from choosing specific metrics, the statistic aggregations and time can be modified by the admin using the filter drop-downs available at the top of the graph.

The metrics can be easily organized by the attributes, dimensions of a service etc that allows you to simply track the data from various instances. Again, the EC2 metrics can be grouped or organized by instance ID, image ID, auto scaling or instance type etc. With the help of database class, database instance and database engine, RDS metrics can be classified. Timestamps are associated with metrics, which provided equivalent time dimension to the metrics across CloudWatch.