Online auction has become quite popular these days, and many entrepreneurs want to have their own unique online auctioning application for the users. These applications are generally hosted on the cloud network and thus they offer online based operating facilities or features. From any place and from any device, you can easily access your account and take participation in an auctioning process. Different auctioning software or applications are there. Choosing the right open source auction software or application development platform is the key to have perfect software for auctioning. This is the reason why we shall find a comparison between two popular open source platforms for auction application development. The first one is and other one is Magento.


In terms of user-friendliness, Magento has excellent reputation as one of the leading open source platforms for the purpose of ecommerce development. It comes with many useful ranges of features as well as options. It has extension for auction software development. The extensions seem to be quite useful as well as effective for development of professional auction apps. On the other hand, is a dedicated platform for building auctioning applications. Based by Amazon Web Services cloud platform, offers excellent as well as advanced features for development of online auction apps. So, in terms of user-friendliness, is ahead of Magento.


Magento can be used to create secured payment gateways. Integration of payment gateways is quite simple as well as seamless experience with Magento. Thus, this can be regarded as reliable. On the other hand, AWS based give optimum reliability in terms of online payments and data security.


Magento has both free and enterprise versions. However, free version is not suitable for building professional auction software. Magento enterprise version comes with many useful features. It requires monthly membership plans. But, needs not monthly plan. For every transaction, it shall deduct certain specified amount as commission. So, you do not have any initial investments.

Cloud Based Auctioning

With, users can avail the facility for cloud based auctioning. The open source platform offers auction facilities like forward, reverse and penny on cloud auction.

Customer Support

Both Magento and have advanced customer support system to feature. You can call anytime to get answers for your queries. As per users’ feedbacks or customers’ reviews, is offering seamless services to users.