With the rapid increase in the use of internet and its advent features, the cost of co-ordinating auctions has come down drastically. To make the penny auctions even more cost-effective, easily manageable and convenient for buyers and sellers, many businesses are moving from Quibids and Tophatter though the Penny Auction system from AuctionSoftware.com works like the same from both of these.

There are a lot of features that we offer with this software program which bring in a lot of benefits to the business as well. Here, we have a list that states that Penny Auction system from AuctionSoftware.com works like Quibids and Tophatter.

Admin Side Benefits

The Penny Auction Software has the privilege to create a multi-level admin users in the system. Typically, all the admin users would be monitored by a super admin. The presence of multi-level admin users helps in streamlining the overall backend tasks for the website that gets creates with the software itself.

Coupon Integration and Special Tools

Coupons and Mega sale events are the bloodlines for every penny auction system. The software creates coupon codes for the special sale events without the Admin users banging their heads to create one. Whether it can be a cash discount coupon, or free bids or free shipping, the software creates them without any hassle.

Easy Reports

The most useful software for business owners, the Penny Auction software generate reports at ease. Not only that, this software now adds many sorts of analysis to the reports attached. This makes the life of business owners easier, doesn’t it?

Track Shipping

The feature of Tracking the Shipping status from customer side is awesome. If the customer is able to do so, he will believe in your platform and so does the orders will be boosted at many times. Build credibility of the company in the customers’ minds.

Block Unwanted IP Address

Never entertain cyber hackers and their attacks and bullying. Now ensure safety and security of the auction website with AuctionSoftware.com. The software is able to block unwanted IP address together with the features of searching the suspicious IP Addresses.