You can offer a smooth user experience and get the most out of each transaction if you integrate your Booking and Rental Marketplace if you use the special program from that offers a framework which defines a flawless flow for your service marketplace.

To model this framework, we have a list of where, when and through what kind of payment services your providers are delivered to your customers. So, let’s see what has to offer your Booking and Rental Marketplace needs.

Your service area may differ from niche to niche, your customer may book a slot for a movie or just rent a bicycle for a ride, has everything you need to establish a beautiful Booking and Rental Marketplace.

Why Marketplace Booking and Rental system from

AuctionSoftware removes all the complexities of putting efforts hiring expert developers, designers and maintenance guys and the long hours invested in the development of your final product.

Setting a comprehensive and feature-rich booking or rental marketplace just needs a click and a download. It is the most cost-effective and robust turnkey Marketplace Software Booking and Rental solutions which is totally customizable and mobile-ready.

Admin Features of Marketplace by AuctionSoftware

  1. Approve Vendors

Admin has all the authority to approve and disapprove the requests of vendors who want to be associated with his platform.

  1. Set Commission

Its all to the Admin’s authority whether to charge a uniform commission or apply variable commission rates to his vendor.

  1. Set Facilities

Admin is able to set minimum numbers of amenities required to be listed at his platform like Hotel Marketplace can define that each property listed must have a TV, Fridge, and WiFi or other amenities.

Benefits of this system

  1. Admin and Vendors can book all types of bookable products whether they are hourly, daily or weekly.
  2. Both Admins and Vendors can integrate High-Quality Videos making their services more engaging.
  3. Enable smart search and filters to reach your customers with more attraction.
  4. To minimize card abandonment, we have features a one-stop checkout service.

5. 100% SEO Friendly.