Admin will have this option to edit bid settings. Options available in admin are

Enter Bid Increment

  • Bid Increment is the difference between Current bid and next bid. 

Enter Bid Fees

  • Once an auction is awarded, a certain amount of fee will be added to the auction during checkout. 

Number of days 

  • Notification will be managed by admin, that how many days after the item is won and remained unpaid to send the notification.

Shipping Amount?   

  • Shipping mount for the auctions will be edited by the admin. 

Buyer Premium?     

  • Buyer premium amount will be added by the admin. 

Tax Percent

  • Tax percent will be added by the admin.

Number of hours                  

  • Number of hours before appointment to fire reminder notification. 

Number of hours 

  • Number of hours before watchlist item closing to notify users        

Number of hours 

  • Number of hours before auction closing to notify users       

Unpaid Relisted (Hours)     

  • If the product is unpaid, in how many hours the product should be relisted. 

Phone Verification Expiry (Minutes)        

  • In how many minutes the verification code should be expired. 

Project Close Time (Hours)

  • By default, all products should end in how many hours will be managed by admin. It will take the current time as start time and from start time it will calculate the end time.