Combined Invoice

Combined Invoice is the operation of generating a single invoice against multiple purchases made by a specific user.

When a user purchases multiple items and calculating shipping for all the items separately with separate invoice is quite difficult. Instead combined invoice concept is much easier for both Buyer and seller to generate a invoice.

Auction and Lots:

An auction has multiple lots. While creating an auction we can add multiple lots to that auction. Users will bid for the lots. And the winner will be announced at the end of the auction. Lots are awarded based on the highest bidder for that lot.

How combined invoice works?

Once the auction reaches its end date, the winners of the each lot will have a combined invoice process.  (i.e.) if a user A has won 3 lots in an auction and the user B won 2 lots in that same auction. User A can process invoice for all the 3 lots in one invoice. We can also change the shipping for each lot. Shipping can be different for the lots in combined invoice. The shipping fee will be calculated overall and then added to the Total.

Payment Process

The admin will view the combined invoice of each user. The users have option for the payment via card or cash. If the user pays via cash, then the admin will choose the cash in invoice and then the remaining change will also be updated in the invoice. Once the admin updated the invoice, the user status will move from unpaid to paid.