The Internet is expanding in multiple folds. It is growing from simple websites to complex and responsive eCommerce websites. Transactions worth billions are happening today. Online eCommerce auction platforms present the opportunity for business who would like to grow their eCommerce vision. With Auction Software is designed in PHP and Ajax and it is an ultimate solution for small to big websites to create an auction section on their websites.

Auction Software is online live auction platform – Ideal online website management tool it is ideal for business, website startups, power eBay seller who would like to expand their website to next level offering equal benefits to their online customers. Our tools of auction program take equal care of auction products and bidding needs for the bidders.

With Auction Software, you can:

  1. The display featured auction on the landing pages.
  2. Create and Manage auction sections from the Admin.
  3. Display live auction on the website, with live and online bidding feature, create and handle last minute rush.
  4. Easy to register whether its free or paid auction website.
  5. Easy and User-Friendly Auction Search.

4 main features of Auction Software:

  1. Forward Auction
  2. Reverse Auction
  3. Penny Auction
  4. Silent Auction.

The second most popular feature of Auction Software that you can create crowdfunding via Reverse Auction

The Reverse Auction script from Auction Software has been developed to easily go with any kind of website. It can be readily integrated into any general or niche funding market. It can also be considered as Kickstarter clone script. The Auction Software goes well with creative, technology, arts or business startup crowdfunding platforms.

The crowdfunding script from Auction Software provides unique online fundraising business opportunity. Currently, we are exploring a number of niches to work on the fundraising opportunities.

How can you develop crowdfunding via Auction Software Reverse Auction Script?

User Point of View:

  1. Fast registration and campaign creation
  2. Secure members’ zone
  3. Many options
  4. Easy to buy perks
  5. Ask questions, follow and get support
  6. Customizable as per requirement.

Administrative Point of View:

  1. Manage homepages, landing pages, categories, locations all from Admin
  2. Manage Home Page campaigns directly from Home Page itself
  3. Easily add, update or remove campaigns on fly
  4. Manage registration details and inquiry details of campaign
  5. Pre-loaded reminder/alerts after registration
  6. 6. Pre-loaded emails and easily configurable settings