Sold to the highest bidder! Hammer!! Human being is auctioning off his stuff online since many years. With the existence of Car Auctioning websites like Copart, one might wish to build his/her own car auctioning website like Copart and has a solution for that. Yes, you heard it right. You can build your own website to auction cars just like Copart or we might say somehow advanced than that.

Here is how:

Just like any other Auction website, online auction software from plays an important role in the success of a Car Auction program. Here are some of the benefits of features offered by

Create RFPs Easily

One of the most time taking processes in a reverse auctioning is to prepare the RFP of request for proposal. Managers need to crack their heads while determining the various criteria that has to be put in the RFP before it gets floated across the prospect vendors. The automation of reverse auction software can cut down this time and thats what we have offered in the Reverse Auction software by

Validate and Communicate with the Vendors

One of the crucial tasks that need to be carried out by any auction software is to validate the list of suppliers to make sure that the suppliers or vendors are genuine. The software by will allow you to send the letters of intent through its automation programs without any manual intervention. Additionally, our software will also help you view and respond to real-time messaging and chat services between the vendors and the buyers while a live auction is going on.

Helps in post-bid analysis

Once you are done with the auction, the next head-banging task is to analyze all the bids and determine the most profitable bid for the business. The reverse auction software by easily completes this task.  The Auction Software by facilitates the managers to arrange the whole bidding process that starts with the initial setup to define the strategy of the bid and finally overall management of the whole process of procurement. Not to mention, various automated processes it saves huge cost for the business too. Looking at the end to end auction solutions that are offered by, it has become so much easy to develop your own Car Auction platform.