The process of using an online auction for any kind of event or charities is increasing day by day because of the ease and other facilities in the online auctioning system. Because of hassle-free functioning, the popularity of this system is increasing and another reason is that it saves you a lot of time and many more people can also join at the same time from their homes and offices and as a result, you get a lot more money collected in your Charity and fundraising events.


Different Types of Auctioning Process

Before you participate in any online auctions it is mandatory that you should know about a few things. The first and foremost is the application for online auctioning which you are going to use in order to participate in the auction. The second thing is that you should know about the basic rules that are used in the auctioning system it also means that you should know that terminology that is going to be used in the auction so you are fully tuned with the system. Also, it is required to know about which process of the auction is being used by the auctioning system. Let us study about a couple of auctioning processes defined below


  1. Forward Auction

The simplest way of doing options is a forward auction. It is the most common platform that has been used in most of the auctions till date and it is very simple for you. The beauty of the system is that it is transparent, clear and open in nature. The rules of this type of auction process are simple and conventional. In this process, a product or a service that is being kept for the auction is explained in the process and then six serious participants have been chosen for the auctioning process. All the people who are doing auctions will bid as per their capabilities in an open system. The person who shall give the highest bid will take away the product. It is quite convenient and simple of course to understand by any individual. One important rule that you cannot ignore is that you must be a serious bidder in order to participate in this kind of bid otherwise you shall be eliminated from the system.

  1. Reverse Auction

The Other type of bidding system available for auctioning process is known as the reverse auction. This is again easy to use, the process of the auctioning system is very simple and convenient to understand. The difference is in the fact that it is non-conventional and therefore people may find it difficult to assume and put a bid with a value that they think would be the best fit. In this kind of auction, the product that has to be auctioned is explained to everyone. Now interested people are given a limited time to bid on that product. Please note that they have to bid for the lowest amount that they can buy that product. The bids that are placed by the participants are not disclosed to anyone. The one with the perfect fit lowest bid for the product will take away the product. This type of optional system is used for tenders and public contracts