If you are looking to set up an auction website there can be some questions in mind, which kind of auction website you want to set up, for example, it could be regular auction website or it could be a penny auction website and could be any other option as well. It is really important to understand the differences between various types of auction software and programs available in the market. Until you have a clear understanding of your requirement as well as the auction types and programs available it would be difficult for you to decide which auction website you want to set up. Therefore it is very important to understand this well and choose the best option for your auction website needs.

What are Online Penny Auctions?


As everyone is aware of the traditional auction website in which you can bid for an item until the item runs out, the person with the highest bid gets the items and he pays the full amount of the items as per the bid.

In a penny auction website, there is an opportunity to win a big ticket item for a lower price. This means a penny auction website will require you to pay in order to bid in the system. So you will be spending money even if you don’t win the item. Sometimes it can turn out to be a wonder as you can get the items without spending much money out of your pocket but there can be a drawback as well as people would compare it with lottery kind of system where they have not won but they have paid to bid.

In a penny auction, the price of the item is kept at zero and the price will increase as the bid is made by the consumers. The price of the item is increased by one penny every time a bid is placed and also a little bit of time is added to the clock. The additional time is in between 10 seconds to 120 seconds that will be added to the clock. After the time has completed the final bidder is the person who gets the items.

Setting Up Your Own Penny Auction Site.

There can be many reasons that you may consider setting up an auction website. This works great for the events such as fundraisers or school events or Charity functions which are required to collect some money for one or the other noble cause.

If you plan to set up your own auction website it is easier to use software that is already designed and tested over many other websites instead of hiring the team of programmers and coders who start working for you to design the software from scratch. Once the software has been installed on your website you can easily put in the details of the auction that you want to work with and manage the other items accordingly. You can also set up few of the individual specifications such as registration fee or the other details that you want to acquire before allowing the participants to participate in the bid. In a General way, a bid package is generally a group of bids that can be used in the program and are placed at a lower cost per unit since they are being bought in bulk.