The online silent auction features of Auction Software are perhaps the most effective ones in the market at present amongst all other contemporaries. There are other online auction software mechanisms like the Bidding Owl that are usually dominating the market but Auction Software has got some specialized features that make online bidding extremely easy.

Exceptional characteristics of AuctionSoftware that make online silent auctioning amazing

Some of the distinguishing characteristics of the online silent auctioning segment of AuctionSoftware that make it stand apart from the rest are:

  • Live auction features are available by which any auction event of any size can be brought online within thirty minutes itself.
  • The product definition along with the other detailed features of the products can also be given online when the silent auction is being done.
  • The guests who are willing to participate in the auction in the Auction Software platform can very well check-in from anywhere and also check-out from the smartphones whenever possible.
  • The most vital part of the online silent auction is that it is completely paperless and green as there is no need of long lines and big sheets of paper as in the conventional auctions.
  • The online silent auction can be done through the smartphones or any other electronic devices as the website is compatible enough so that users using any smartphone can enjoy the facility.
  • It is always advisable to have the online silent auction live on the auction website or the app before twenty days of the actual date of auction so that test runs can be carried out and any technical or other issues can be tracked and corrected beforehand as well.
  • The auction after being uploaded in the website need to be moved over to the ‘in person’ auction along with the latest bids.
  • The Auction Software platform integrates well with the various payment platforms like PayPal and Braintree payment gateway for convenient auction procedure.
  • The money received from the auction will get deposited into the bank within two days from the date of auction.
  • SMS notifications are given about outbids and money transfers as well.