Auctions today have gone green because the traditional paper auction methods have transformed due to technology and have arrived in its present online form where every auction happens online these days. However, there are several platforms for conducting online auctions and one has to be wise enough to make a proper selection. Auction Software and Maestro Soft are two main such online auctioning platforms that can be utilized for carrying out any kind of auction but each is coming with some specific features that make it a little different from each other.

How does Auction Software stand out ahead as compared to Maestro Soft

Maestro Soft comes with the following options in case of an online auction:

  • The Basic, Plus and Premier options are available in Maestro Soft each of which has some specific functionalities for the users.
  • The teams can easily use Basic version for working from any location whereas the Plus version is suitable for online registration and table seating purposes of the guests. The Premier version is the highest one that takes the online auctions to a different level altogether.
  • Customer support services are available.

Now, it is time to check out the range of services related to Auction Software online auction platform:

  • Varieties of auction events can be conducted online such as the charity auction event, wedding auction event, garage auction event, school silent auction event, birthday auction event and different other online, live or silent auction events.
  • The provision of free trial is also present in the Auction Software platform for all the live, silent and online auctions.
  • The URL of the auction event can go live within thirty minutes of uploading and it is better to have the online set-up ready prior to twenty days of the actual day of online auction. This is for extra tests and tracking of loopholes so that the auction day can be perfect.
  • Simple check-in and check-out options for the guest in their smartphones are also enabled here.

Flexible payment options through PayPal and Braintree are also present and the money received gets deposited in the bank account within two days from the date of auction.