Service models describe the structure of a service (how the configuration items fit together) and the dynamics of the service (activities, flow of resources and interactions). The service models used are

  1. Fast Prototyping
  2. Talent Search
  3. Project Posting
  4. Contract for Hire

1.     Fast Prototyping

Fast Prototyping can be defined as a group of techniques used to quickly fabricate a scale model of a part or assembly using three dimensional Computer Aided Design (CAD) data. You have an incredible idea and need a prototype to show people and get sponsorship. We will work closely with you to create markups web site or app of your business and concept, protecting your confidential information under our NDA services.

  • We offer quick proof-of-concept prototyping services
  • We also offer Managed service on PSD to HTML.
  • Proof of Concept and all editable files are owned by the client.
  • It is fast, customized, confidential and reliable
  • We offer an NDA with all prototyping and proof of concept projects.

2.     Talent Search

Find your own contractors from our talent pool. You will be able to research and look through thousands of freelance talents that have registered with our website. Talents profiles are visible on the website. Recruiters and business owner’s coming to the website looking for Talents can view their profile for free. The recruiter and business owner is able to see more detail than profile, get information to reach out to talent, and pays $20 per contact.

3.     Project Posting

Post your project description with the details and invite contractors to submit their proposals directly to you. This will allow you to get multiple offers and choose the resource you think would fit your project the best. You can even use our platform as an escrow payment method.

  • Business owner’s, looking for Talents, post a project.
  • Talents offer proposals to bid on the project.
  • The business owner accepts a proposal and continues the project through the platform.

4.     Contract for Hire

Tell us your requirement/job description, our expert recruiters will find a variety of capable talent, coordinate the interview with you, and then you can choose the outsource talents to work on your project as contractors. After working with the contract, you can choose to directly hire them for the long-term as an employee.

  • We offer contract service to provide best talent for customers.
  • Client give us the job description, requirement, and wage; we find the talent, setup the interview process, and we sign the contract with the Talent; client has the option to hire the contractor.
  • A dedicated engagement manager is assigned to your project.
  • If the client is satisfied with the performance of contractor, the client has the option to hire the contractor directly.