A counteroffer is a response given to an initial offer. A counteroffer means the original offer was rejected and replaced with another one. The counteroffer gives three options:

  • Accept the counteroffer
  • Reject it
  • Make another offer

When a buyer submits an offer,

  • Can either accept it
  • Submit a counter offer
  • Or Push the listing to a 7-Day Public Auction

When you accept an offer or the buyer accepts your counter offer, the sale ends. If you include a Buy Now option, the sale ends when a buyer accepts the Buy Now price, or when you or a buyer accepts an offer. There is no obligation to accept an offer.

Terms of the Counteroffer

A counteroffer may include explanations of the terms of the offer or requests for supplementary information. Finalizing counteroffer negotiations requires the buyer and offeror to accept the terms without any additional conditions or modifications.

A counteroffer is generally conditional. When the seller receives a low offer, he can counter with a price he feels is reasonable. The buyer can either accept that offer or counter again. The seller can counter the offer. The person receiving the counteroffer does not have to accept it.

After receiving an offer, we can:

  • Accept the best offer and end the listing
  • Respond with a counteroffer
  • Let the offer expire.
  • Decline the offer

Make a counteroffer

When you make a counteroffer, your response should be lower than the Buy It Now price, but higher than the offer you received.

Automatic responses to a best offer

If you set up automatic responses in listing, we can accept or decline a best offer, based on the price limits selected. Buyers won’t know your limits, but the upper limit must be below your Buy It Now price.

Here’s how automatic responses work:

  • When you get an offer at, or above, your upper limit, we automatically send an email and the buyer saying that you’ve accepted and the buyer should pay.
  • When you get an offer below your lower limit, we automatically send an email to the buyer declining the offer. The buyer can submit a higher bid or can send a counteroffer. Buyers can make up to three offers per item in most categories.
  • When you get an offer somewhere between your price limits, we’ll send you a message and you’ll have to decide how to respond.