InventoryRx is a forward auction website where a user is able to auction the medicine they want and whatever bid is the highest gets the medicine they need. We as a team were very impressed and proud with the work that the developers did to make the website look very nice and very straight forward with what the website is supposed to do. The website has not gone live yet, but it should be after the client approves of it. We think the website will be a huge success because it is now completed and ready to go. We really enjoyed watching this website come to live by witnessing out hard work and patience pay off. We are very excited to work with new projects and see them grow from scratch to a live website that people will enjoy. InventoryRX will help many people with getting what they want for a better price with no problems using the website. The paying process is very easy and straightforward that users will enjoy buying or bidding for a product. We really enjoyed watching this website grow and cannot wait for the client to approve of our hard work we put into it. We are ecstatic to watch it go live and see it grow and turn into a great website that will get a lot of revenue thanks to our hard work and professional management.