As a team we decided to take RepoMax as one of clients because Auction Software likes to take on challenges. RepoMax is complex reverse auction software. There are three types of users that partake in the auction website. RepoMax lets bidders bid or buy products from the warehouse where RepoMax is located. A client of RepoMax is able to go physically to the office, drop the items they want to auction and RepoMax takes care of the rest. RepoMax workers then take the clients items, check them in, label them, and set them in the warehouse. Then the client is able to talk to the auction house where they will be consignors of the store they desire to auction their items. The RepoMax auction website will make it easy for the consignors to set up the time they want to auction or sell their products when they want to. Once bidders log in, they are able to look up stores by zip codes. Once a bidder finds a store they want to buy or bid in, they are able to search for the items they want to acquire and bid in the auction house. Once a bidder wins an auction they will be able to communicate with the consignor through messages to get the item they won. Bidders and Consignors as well as Auction houses are able to pay through the website without using outside sources. The Auction Houses also have Consignor Leads that are approved by the Auction House to improve their sells. There is also a way to rate and review an Auction House where the bidders can feel comfortable bidding or buying from their Auction House. Auction Houses can also have the option to block bidders from their House if they feel threatened or do not want a certain bidder to buy from their store.