Language Manager

In language Manager we can manage below actions. This will be handled by admin.

  • Create new language phrase
  • Groups
  • Import CSV
  • Add / Edit new language
  • Phrase list

Create new language phrase

  • We can create new language phrases and call them as (variables) from your html templates. 
  • The Default language is English
  • we have to select Group
  • Then Enter a new phrase
  • Click “Convert into template variable”
  • Template variables will be created and click submit. 


  • Enter Group name
  • Enter description 
  • Click submit
  • New group will be created. 

Import CSV

  • Download the language phrase List.
  • Add a new column for the language phrases you want to add in the format, language name in small letters preceded by `for_`(no inverted commas). 
  • For Eg: If you want to add French, add a column named for_french in your csv.
  • Add respective language phrases to the phrase words in the left column.
  • Save CSV.
  • Select the language from the list.
  • Upload CSV.
  • Click Save.

Add / Edit new language

  • Enter the language name
  • Click Submit
  • New language will be created

Phrase list

  • Search phrase list
  • Select language
  • Select group
  • Click edit and make the changes and save.