If you register as a seller, you can post your products to the site. While posting a product seller can enable reserve days for their products, 

  • On Reserve
  • No Reserve

On Reserve

  • If product end date is met, and its reserved price is met, then the product will get awarded to the highest bidder. 
  • If the seller has enabled “On reserve” for that product, then the winner will not be allowed to pay and buy that auction. 
  • After awarding the seller has to confirm from their dashboard, only after confirming the winner will get an option to complete the payment. 
  • If the product is on reserve then a label will be there in that product’s image like “2days reserve”, even after the seller has not confirmed for 2 days it will automatically move to unsold. 

No Reserve

  • If a product is posted in “No reserve” then the product will get awarded to the highest bidder and then the winner can complete the payment and buy the product.