Here we have 2 registrations, Buyer and seller

Buyer – Register as buyer→ login to the site→ Bid for the product→ buy the product. 

Seller – Register as buyer→ login to the site→ Post the product→ Request fund

As a seller, we can post our products to the site, We have 2 types of relist concept

  • Auto Relist
  • Manual Relist

Auto Relist

While posting a product there will be an option to relist and how many times it should relist automatically. If a product is unsold then it will be relisted again and again till it meets its relist count. 

When does a Product move to unsold? 

  • If no bids are placed for that product.
  • If the product does not meet its reserve price.
  • If admin manually move product to unsold

Manual Relist

If a product is moved to unsold, the seller will have an option to relist the product manually from the seller dashboard. During manual re-listing we can edit the fields and relist. And also if a product is posted in auto relist, if the auto relist count is completed and product moved to unsold again that product can be relisted from the seller dashboard manually.