This is reverse auction, Here we have few features which is opposite to forward auction.



  • Buyer
  • Seller



Project Posting(Buyer):


->Buyer can posting the project, seller is bidder in this concept. Here we can post a project for sellers. We can choose the end date of the project.




->Seller receives the project after posting the project from buyer, Based upon buyer requirements, He can post the project. Excellent seller can work multiple projects too.

-> He can bid whatever he want’s. We cannot tell to bidder for placing the bid not more than.

->In Auction Software, We are ony allowing the authorized sellers.

->When seller’s are going to register, that corresponding user must provide valid details, Once admin verified the seller details then only he can able to bid the project else it’s showing admin not yet verified.

->We are keeping very secure all auction software projects.


Commission Fee(Admin):


-> Commission is something like charge for admin. If buyer the posting the project, seller can bid the project for $100.


Sample Explanation:


Total Amount = 100

Commission Fee = 10%(This amount goes to admin)

Seller = 90(This amount goes to who is bidding)

Buyer want to pay $90 to seller and $10 to admin.




->Awarded goes to who is bidded less amount. That correspond user gets awarded to that project.

->Once select the seller, He want’s to wait untill seller accept this project.




-> While select the seller, first retrieve the amount which is seller bidded amount, if seller accepts the bid , then funds will transfer to seller and admin.

-> Always payment is full secured and safe.


Referral Program:


-> We have Referral Program features in Reverse Auction, Here based upon the projects requirements we are using these features.

-> Referral Program is another way to earn more money when you are invite someone, and that same user registered in the site and completed they first projects, then refer user get $10.


Time Zone Management:

-> Reverse Auction all over the world, which is every platform uses the TimeZone feature, which allows you to manage different time zones on your platform.

For Example: If your native in US, then you can set to one specific TimeZone.


-> A primarily informational message. When bidder bidding the projects which is posted by you, That time we have one options for send message to project user.

-> In that way they are sending project related messages. Then you can receive the messages which is send by bidder. And buyer can also reply the message.



-> Reverse Auction allows to provide comments with rating around each project.

-> So they can correct it next time, which is have low rating. Easily can find out which customer’s are doing well even payment.