In e-commerce applications¬†“shipping the products”¬†is the most important concept. In order to expand your business, you need to sell your products to anyone around the world and for that you need to use international shipment.

Our products are enabled with shipping options including:

  • FedEx– Worldwide shipping, logistics management, and supply chain management.
  • USPS– Independent agency of the US government providing national postal service.
  • UPS– World’s largest package delivery company and a provider of supply chain management solutions.


  1. Shipment Tracking & Notifications
  2. Offer real-time shipping estimates
  3. Send tracking number to sin one click
  4. Enable free, fixed or dynamic shipment fees
  5. Use your own shipping provider
  6. Upfront Transparent Billing
  7. Free Pick-Up From Your Door
  8. Lowest Rates – No Minimum Commitment
  9. Bulk Shipment
  10. Integrated Wallets For Easy Payment
  11. Get notified about your shipment at every step via Email & SMS
  12. Stay informed about the return shipments with Non-Delivery reports
  13. Reduce shipping costs with Return management service