We provide AWS for Web Hosting.

Multiple core instances should not be selected. It should be either single or max 2 core Ec2 instance; such as: M4 or M3 medium.

Load Balancer (LB) should be used to balance the load between instances and WebSockets.

There needs to be at least 2 instances running in parallel and attached to LB so that load can be divided among both the instances; and separate single instance should be present in standby mode.

RDS service must be used to store the DB, S3 bucket to store static images and videos and lasticache cluster for session management.

Then, Autoscaling Group is needed with minimum 2 instances to jump over when load increases on the LB.

Simple notification service (SNS) subscriptions required to send the emails to the recipients in case the load increases the threshold value.

AWS instance image (AMI) has to be there to launch the instances in less than 1 minute without touching live instances.