Using online open source auction software has become common these days, as more and more people have been showing up their interests in participating online auctioning process. Online auction tool is something that has to be developed with precision. It must be reliable and user-friendly. For building such applications, Shopify has been used. Shopify is known to be one of the leading open source ecommerce development platforms. It comes with many useful as well as notable features. But, is it useful for the purpose of developing online auction software too? In the following section we shall find difference between Shopify and

Operating System Compatibility

Both and Shopify are compatible with Windows and Mac OS. However, Shopify is additionally compatible with LINUX, and compatibility with this operating system is unavailable with When it comes to mobile operating system compatibility, both these open source ecommerce auction application development platforms show compatibility with both Android and iOS.

Target Market and Pricing Policies

Shopify and both has small as well as large scale businesses as their target markets. In terms of pricing policy, has been found to be more cost-effective or cheaper than Shopify. Thus, for the small scale businesses, is more convenient option in terms of pricing policies.

Features and Options

When it comes to features or options for developing online auctioning software or application, seems to be a clear winner if it is compared with Shopify. Basically, Shopify is an open source ecommerce development platform. But, is exclusively auctioning software or application developing platform. So, if you are seeking specialized online auction application developing platform, should be the ideal choice.

Contract Terms with Users

Auctioning application operators shall find different contract terms with Shopify and Shopify offers contracts based on monthly fees or yearly membership subscription. On the other hand, is totally different from this aspect. It does not require any contracts. A percentage of your transaction will be derived by this cloud platform.

Real Time Online Auction

Shopify does not come with the facility of cloud based forward or reverse or penny in cloud auction. With, users can avail all these features or facilities.